Feroz Khan Welfare Trust was set up in 2010 and is an independent NON-Profit charitable organisation (where 100% of the donations are used for the charities causes). The trust is helping genuinely vulnerable, desolate, poverty-stricken families and disabled children & adults, impartially, within local communities in and around Azad Kashmir.  The majority of its work has been focussed in the region of Charoi, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.  A region which has been identified as having very limited facilities or help available for these groups of people.  There are no specialist school facilities and a growing need for emergency vehicles, wheel chairs, cycles and sensory aids.  These are just some of the vital resources that are needed in this area and which Feroz Khan Welfare Trust is working hard to provide in order to bring relief to those suffering.  In particular the Trust has put in service two ambulances in the deprived areas of the district of Charoi region where none existed before.  This is providing an immediate & rapid emergency response service to attend accident or trauma victims, transport patients, medical equipment, bodies and the disabled. 

The trust is also providing appreciable financial support and assistance to genuinely less fortunate people to ensure they can enjoy a better quality of life.

We are encouraging strategic involvement in reaching the needy people in an integrated way, equipping individuals, businesses and local people and empowering the poor to develop themselves to reach others and create self-sustaining communities. Our work, initiatives & accomplishments to date are summarised in this booklet.

With the continued support from donors Feroz Khan Welfare Trust aims to continue its efforts to raise a fleet of equipped ambulances which would be made available to other similar areas and communities in Azad Kashmir that have been identified as genuinely in need of this type of service.  So that at the very least, basic pre-hospital treatment can be provided with quick response and transportation to the nearest hospital to  countless accident & trauma victims that are otherwise needlessly dying every day without the benefits of such a service. 

The Charoi region has also been identified as one where there are limited facilities available for disabled people.  A region where approximately 1 in 35 children will be bedridden through some form of disability and where there is an overwhelming need for more specialist schools, wheel chairs and other equipment, which is often un-affordable and thus people are unnecessarily left to endure life of restricted mobility.  They are needlessly left feeling isolated and neglected.  Keeping up with this demand is difficult, which is why we are helping  these people in dire need.

Through your kind support and donations Feroz Khan Welfare Trust  aims to continue this work and ensure financial support gets to those that need it especially the disabled and those desperate for specialist educational needs,as well as those  isolated or denied even the most basic needs such as proper food, water, clothing and shelter. These contributions will enable the less fortunate to live in dignity and without being dependent on others.

I thank you for your kind support and donations and hope you will share in our efforts to create a better way of life for the less fortunate.

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