Feroz Khan Welfare Trust


Published: Tuesday, 14 June 2016 13:06
Written by developer

Feroz Khan Welfare Trust is an independent NON-Profit charitable organisation. The trust aims to help genuinely vulnerable, desolate, poverty-stricken families and disabled children, impartially, within local communities in the focal region of Charhoi, Azad Kashmir.  In addition it will aim to provide a rapid response emergency ambulance service to the encompassing deprived areas.  It also hopes to provide appreciable, unhindered financial support and assistance to all genuinely less fortunate people to ensure a better quality of life.

The Founder of the Trust is Mohammad Shabir Malik from Peterborough, who formed this in loving memory of his late father Feroz Khan. Mr Khan himself was a victim of an unfortunate accident in 1981, which left him suffering from a serious head injury and in need of medical attention. Due to the lack of any proper or dedicated emergency response and transportation facility in these parts, unfortunately Feroz Khan lost his battle for life. Had such a service been available at the time he may still have been amongst us today.

Thousands of people are disabled or killed in minor or major road accidents throughout Azad Kashmir through lack of proper emergency care facilities. Feroz Khan Welfare Trust aims to raise a fleet of ambulances which would be made available to areas identified as genuinely in need of this service to provide at the very least, basic pre-hospital treatment with quick response and transportation service to the nearest hospital.

To commemorate Feroz Khan and the inauguration of the Feroz Khan Welfare Trust, the organisers have initiated an important phase of it's objectives by proudly donating an ambulance. It is hoped that this sevice is up and running by the end of January 2010 for the people of 'Damas' and throughout the region of Charhoi Azad Kashmir.