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Published: Thursday, 09 June 2016 12:03
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In November 2014 FKWT made available a portable refrigerated coffin to the community of Damas, Azad Kashmir. The purpose built coffin was kindly donated to the charity by Mr Shapaal from Luton, Bedfordshire and is proving to be very useful. This is now providing people a means of preserving and storing deceased bodies until they can be buried. Previously no such facility was available anywhere in this region and meant that relatives of loved ones that had departed had no option but to store the deceased at room temperature in coffins at home or simply left shrouded on sofas or beds until burial, which could sometimes be up to two days and often in scorching temperatures, which was not always practical, desirable or suitable. Therefore the provision of this equipment has introduced Health and Safety benefits and is clearly proving to be a more comfortable, appropriate, suitable and desirable means of storing deceased bodies.


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