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Published: Saturday, 11 June 2016 12:10
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On behalf of Feroz Khan Welfare Trust (FKWT) we’d like to wish you all a very happy and blessed Ramadan, and may this month prove to be extremely auspicious for you. May Allah (swt) accept your prayers (Ameen).

As we enter the holy month of Ramadan, we become ever more conscious of something we should treasure with all our hearts – HUMANITY.

During this most blessed month, we must remember every precious life matters, just as every single act of kindness will be multiplied greatly. So the more we can do to help humanity during Ramadan the better.

As part of their on-going campaigns, FKWT will be coordinating yet another food aid initiative this Ramadan, where food aid will be distributed to 72 needy households identified from around the district of Kotli, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, A region which still has many widowed families & struggling households that often find it very difficult to cope during this blessed month. This event will be taking place in the city of Kotli, A.K and in the town centre of Damas, A.K during week commencing 6 June 2016. The initiative is anticipated to cost approximately £1800 (equivalent to about 300,000 rupees). Food aid for each household will comprise of 20Kg Flour, 5Kg Ghee, 1Kg tea packets, 2Kg Sugar, 5Kg lentils, 1Kg Dates and aid towards purchase of milk. These packages are hoped to get these families through this tough and challenging time of Ramadhan.

FKWT will also be hosting Iftar meals periodically during the month of Ramadan as this gets underway. Each Iftar session is anticipated to cost around £1 per person. Ramadan will be difficult for some, but with your help we can provide iftaar dinner daily in the blessed month of Ramadhan over many villages.

FKWT appeals to all muslim brothers and sisters to consider the plight of people far less fortunate than ourselves and support or donate generously towards these causes and make them as successful as previous years.

Please help us alleviate the pain, hunger and suffering felt by so many in this region.

We can’t thank you enough for all your support in previous years, whether it be through your prayers, financial, affectionate, moral, spiritual or physical. None of this work would’ve been possible without you. May Allah reward you greatly for your kindness and generosity – and may this Ramadan be filled with blessings.

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